TRF launches the first training course in Tel’ Afer under supervision of IOM

Under the supervision of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), TRF started the first training course on the management of small projects for women and ladies in Tal Afar.

This course comes within an ongoing efforts for staff of TRF to rehabilitate Turkmen areas that have been affected by the capture of Da’esh, and within a series of ongoing activities for the Foundation in these areas.

The course will involve a group of women and girls from Tal Afar where they will be trained to write and manage small projects that will be marketed later by the Foundation’s staff to the governmental and international bodies.

The course will also include a psychological rehabilitation program by a trained and specialized cadre.

The activity is part of a program sponsored by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), where the organization has trained TRF staff on advanced programs to prepare trainers and project management in areas that have been subjected to terrorism.

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Letter from an Iraqi Turkmen victim’s family

 What an ugly terrorism and criminality in the case of the kidnapping my brother, and teacher Hussein Jamal Mustafa!

What is this arrogance and ingratitude? What kind of people these are? Who dares to kidnap his children’s teacher and kill who came to get him out of the darkness of ignorance to the light? What kind of crime, atrocity and brutality. Who kills the victim and then extort money from orphans?

Five years ago, on this day the 25 April 2012, my brother (Hussein Jamal Mustafa) was kidnapped by a terrorist gang at the Ibn Battuta School in the village of Bir Ahmed, was leaving school at the end of the day, and heading to his house at Tuz Khormato! After they took him out of his car and took him to an unknown destination, in the Zarqa area and drove to the village of Al-Azariya from the Daqouq district, while releasing his colleague, who was one of the villagers! Two months later, on July 3, 2012, a second group of terrorists

– Called the family demanded a ransom of $ 100,000 ($ 10 books) for his release. Due to the lack of security in the region and the absence of authority, we had to negotiate with the terrorists and submit to their requests via mobile communications in order to preserve his life.

– On 5/7/2012, the required amount of money was handed over at the Orouba area in the city of Kirkuk according to the agreement. The kidnappers told us that the kidnapped man would be delivered in the area of ​​Taza Khormato! So we went to the destination without success and did not know the low life behavior reaches the bottom! And that was just a trick!

The kidnapped was not found till the time of this writing.

– But we were surprised by a strange situation on (11/1/2013) when a terrorist gang was arrested by the security authorities; the members admitted the crime of blackmailing us and receiving the money without acknowledging the crime of kidnapping! We have doubts and suspicions! To learn later, they used a lawyer with influence and he influenced the judiciary system in the city of Tikrit, which is specializing in releasing terrorists, and claiming their innoceness! With money and connections.

– A sham trial was held against them to issue a severe prison sentence for five years after article 4 / terrorism was changed to article 456 of the Penal Code!!! The verdict was executed by placing them in Badush prison. They were released in 2014 after the prison broke out by al-Da’ash after the fall of Mosul and after most of the prisoners were killed on sectarian grounds.

– On the other hand, another defendant is being investigated by the Crime Prevention Department, who admitted that he had facilitated and assisted in the kidnapping (Hussein Jamal Mustafa). He appeared to be a teacher, and his colleague in the same school; they were friends with each other!!! His name is (Jabber Khalaf Aswad) from the village of Birahamed, who accompanied him during his abduction!

– The painful thing is not finding the body of the kidnapped so far, and we as family members and his four children have no rest and had no comfort ever since his abduction five years ago. A member of the gang called (Hussein Mohammed Fadel. His nickname is Hussein Haweyah…) still living in Kirkuk is free and lives his life with comfort and tranquility. Two of the terrorists fled to Turkey after being released from Badush Prison (Naseer Rahim Abdullah and Ahmed Khalil Ismail). The fire of injustice and the uncompassionate feeling burn us, and we go through our life with sorrows and pains at every moment! My brother (Hussein Jamal Mustapha) was born in the district of Jaqla in Tuz Khormato in 1967. He completed his elementary, intermediate and science branch High School, and then at the teachers’ institute. He did not hurt anyone in his life, but became a teacher of the English language. His goal in life was to serve his people by education.

From here, after terrorism reached education and justice! We continue to have hope in the good Iraqi people. I appeal to all the loyal brothers of the security, judicial and civil institutions to help us and advise us on how to recover the rights of the four-orphaned children who lost their breadwinner and lost their money and possessions to provide ransom so that their father could return, but they could not find his remains.. Mercy on his soul.

President of TRF attend a meeting on a dinner with heads of EU delegations and SRSG of UN 

Dr Ali Akram Al bayati president of TRF met yesterday, February 6th 2017 at a dinner with special representstive of secretory general of UN Mr Jan Kubis, special convey of EU for relegiuos freedom Mr Jan Figel as well as all EU delegations heads in Iraq. 

The meeting was to discuss human rights situations in Iraq as well future of minorities after Da’esh and the ways to protect them in the future. 

The discussion concentrared on the importance of empowering Iraqi governmental institutions and the dependabce in any project on Iraqi constitution with the necessity to change some articles in it. 

The meeting was part of continous dialogue of EU delegations in Iraq with governmental and non governmental institutions. 

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President of TRF attend a meeting with EU mission in Iraq

The president of TRF “Dr. Ali Akram Al Bayati” attended today Thursday 22nd December 2016 an official meeting with vice president of European mission in Iraq Mrs “Sara Corscadden” to discuss together the political and humanitarian situations of Turkmen in Iraq.

The meeting was part of Continuous efforts of Turkmen rescue foundation to raise the International awareness about sufferings of Turkmen in Iraq, and to creat a real bridge between Iraqi and European people to support the security and stability of Iraq.

According to Dr. Ali Akram ” we explained the main social, humanitarian and political struggles for Turkmen in Iraq, and we requested a real role for EU in Iraq especially in supporting Oppressed people”. ” We discussed the future of Turkmen in Iraq and insisted on the the legal and the constitutional solutions for Turkmen and all Iraqi people” mentioned  to Dr Ali. 

President of TRF Al Bayati told ” there was a real agreement from head of EU mission about the idea of working together with Iraqi minorities to plane for future of our lands”.
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22nd Dec. 2016

“Regional and international conferences for Tellafer while its people falling dead”

According to a local source, 140 children and 26 elderly persons of Turkmen families who fled from Talafer fear of using them by Daesh as human shields last few weeks died at Syrian Turkish border till now, due to lack of shelters, foods, water and medicine. 

The families living in a very hard humanitarian situations with lack of assistances and aids. Most of those families located at Al Ezaz, Syrian city near Turkish kilis city.

We appeal to UN to help them urgently. KRG is also requested to offer a safe way for them to be brought to Iraqi lands and supported by UN for humanitarian aids as soon as possible.

Although we are hearing about meetings and conferences about Tellafer everywhere, but we cant see any hands helping people that suffered from situations, we believe that the voices are about the land of Tellafer and not about the people of that land.

Unfourtunatelly, those Tellafer families who have been displaced at June 2014 not in a better humanitarian situation, they are still suffering in front of lack of international and governmental support daily death.

TRF/ Media office

9th December 2016

TRF appeals to UN to help Turkmen families who fled Tal Afer

We appeal to UN and international community to help and rescue Thousands of Turkmen children and women who fled from TalAfar and left the city, fear of Da’esh that want to use them as human shields. 

The familes left TalAfer and passed through Syrian territories to Turkish border and they are living in a very bad and tragic condition due to lack of shelter, food and medicine.

According to resources,  frequent cases of deaths( mainly children)  from extreme cold and diseases that spreads among children.

The number of civilians that left the city and distibuted along the way from TalAfer to Syria to Turkish border are not less than 5000, most of them are women and children. 

All the international community and particularly UN offices should take an urgent action to save and help them. 

Turkmen rescue foundation 
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3rd December 2016 

TRF’s statement on PMU’s law approval

We, Turkmen rescue foundation, would like to announce our thanks to Iraqi parliament for the voting today on the “popular mobilization unit’s” law. 

As we express our gratitude to the members of the Iraqi House of Representatives and the political blocs that supported to pass and approve the law, we would like to mention the role of the heroic fighters of PMU, and the blood of the martyrs that have fallen on all Iraqi territory, which is contributed and still contributing to the liberation and protection of the all occupied Iraqi in general and Turkmen lands specifically. 

We also appeal to Presidency of Republic of Iraq to ratify quickly the law in order to take into effect and get the fairness for the PMU fighters like the fighters of other security ministries.

Turkmen rescue foundation

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26 Nov. 2016