Turkmen Rescue Foundation (TRF) “An NGO concerned with defending of human rights ( especially for Turkmen ) by using all legal and democratic ways. It is Iraq based with multiple local, regional and international representatives.is self funded organization without any external source support. The official general headquarters located at Baghdad and works in Turkmen regions, including Kirkuk, Tuz Khurmatu, and Tal Afar. Its main areas for action human rights, as well development , documentation and advocacy.

It is registered at NGO directorate in Iraq at 18 March 2015, but practically working since November 2011.

It is depending on large number of active volunteers inside and outside of Iraq, the main goal of all is increasing awareness about Turkmen sufferings and ongoing atrocities against the third ethnicity in Iraq ( the second in KRG).

The organization ruled by a team including the “chief, assistant, speaker and head of many offices including; media, humanitarian, planing, strategic studies and religious and cultural relations”.

Our vision:

We aim for Turkmen citizen to live among their peers, dignified and honoured, and has all rights and duties similar to the rest of the ethnic and racial components in Iraq.

Our message:

Promoting a culture of peace and the principle of peaceful coexistence in Iraqi society, away from marginalisation, threat and restriction. As well as creating a conscious and educated generation capable of taking responsibility for changing the reality of society to be the best in various fields.

Our objectives:

  1. Promoting a culture of peace and the principle of peaceful coexistence and promoting human rights in Iraq.
  2. Monitoring and documenting Turkmen human rights violations.
  3. To pursue the achievement of the Millennium Goals and to revitalise the role of the media in youth development in the field of human rights.
  4. Creating a modern media for Turkmen in Iraq according to the modern technologies available.
  5. Pursuing to raise the level of public awareness regarding all principles of human rights of individual and social rights in order for Turkmen citizen to defend their rights when violated or usurped.
  6. Promoting local, regional and international partnership and establishing the principle of communication and dialogue among peoples of different cultures and civilisations.
  7. Contribution to changing policies that negatively impact on the status of Turkmen community at public and private level.
  8. Attracting the international legitimacy for just causes through media and political efforts aimed at creating bridges with international human rights institutions, primarily International organisations, agencies and foreign missions.


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