TRF’s statement on PMU’s law approval

We, Turkmen rescue foundation, would like to announce our thanks to Iraqi parliament for the voting today on the “popular mobilization unit’s” law. 

As we express our gratitude to the members of the Iraqi House of Representatives and the political blocs that supported to pass and approve the law, we would like to mention the role of the heroic fighters of PMU, and the blood of the martyrs that have fallen on all Iraqi territory, which is contributed and still contributing to the liberation and protection of the all occupied Iraqi in general and Turkmen lands specifically. 
We also appeal to Presidency of Republic of Iraq to ratify quickly the law in order to take into effect and get the fairness for the PMU fighters like the fighters of other security ministries.

Turkmen rescue foundation

Media office 

26 Nov. 2016


TRF’s statement condemning any external intervention

We “Turkmen rescue foundation ” as an official Turkmen representative, would like to express our condemnation to any attempts from non Turkmen or non Iraqis to talk on behalf of our people. 

We are suffering in Iraq since 10 decades.The most aggressive and criminal assaults against Turkmen was after 2003 by the terrorist gangs of Al Qa’eda and Da’esh.

 we lost over the last 13 years more than 10000 civilians have been killed by the terrorists’ assaults in Tal Afer and Nineveh plain in Nineveh province, in Basheer, Taza Khurmatoo, Tes’in, Altunkopri in Kirkuk province, in Tuz Khurmatoo and Amrli in Salaheddin province and in Qaratappa, Khanaqeen, Sa’adeia and Mendelli in Diyala province.

We didn’t have seen any one defending of our people when Da’esh enforced them to leave Tal Afer and Nineveh plain and when the terrorist gangs killed hundreds of Turkmen men and abducted and violated hundreds of Turkmen women and children after Mousl invasion at June 2014. 

We haven’t heard such voices that is claiming Turkmen protection and Turkmen’s safety when Bashir village in kirkuk been assaulted and thousands of people displaced out and when Da’esh gangs abducted Turkmen women and ladies and raped and burned them at June 2014.

Our people in Amerli have faced a criminal besiege for 83 days from June to August 2014. The didn’t get any external support or have seen any claiming to rescue them. 

Taza khurmatoo have been assaulted with chemical weapons by Da’esh at March 2016, where more than 6000 civilians injured and till today some of them are suffering. 

Turkmen in Tuz Khurmatoo have been assaulted for two occasions aggressively by Kurdish gangs at Nov. 2015 and April 2016, and we had to defend alone ourselves . 

Daquq was another Turkmen town in Kirkuk which have suffered of criminal acts with voiceless national and international community, the civilians there have been attacked by an ( unknown) airstrike assaulted a worship place, killing 15 Turkmen women and ladies and injuring 103 including women and children. 

We fought Da’esh in Amerli alone for 83 days , then we defeated the terrorism there by the help of Iraqi government.

We liberated Basheer by our Turkmen forces( including Turkmen PMF, army and federal police).

We believe that Tal Afer and other Turkmen territories in Mosul should be liberated by Turkmen force with support from Iraqi government and Iraqi security forces. 

We have total 12000 Turkmen fighters from Tellafer as well as 5000 from other Turkmen lands including Turkmen PMF units, federal police and brigade 92 Iraqi army. 

We are able to liberate our lands if we get support from Iraqi government. We don’t accept any external country or actor to talk on behalf of our people and appoint himself as commander for Turkmen. 

We have all the rights to liberate our lands and protect it. We have the legal and constitutional rights to self administer our territories. 

We believe that we must stay part of united federal Iraq. We believe that the the only safe and trusted partner for us are Iraqi minorities.

Turkmen rescue foundation

Media office

25 Nov. 2016