TRF launches the first training course in Tel’ Afer under supervision of IOM

Under the supervision of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), TRF started the first training course on the management of small projects for women and ladies in Tal Afar.

This course comes within an ongoing efforts for staff of TRF to rehabilitate Turkmen areas that have been affected by the capture of Da’esh, and within a series of ongoing activities for the Foundation in these areas.

The course will involve a group of women and girls from Tal Afar where they will be trained to write and manage small projects that will be marketed later by the Foundation’s staff to the governmental and international bodies.

The course will also include a psychological rehabilitation program by a trained and specialized cadre.

The activity is part of a program sponsored by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), where the organization has trained TRF staff on advanced programs to prepare trainers and project management in areas that have been subjected to terrorism.

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President of TRF attend a meeting on a dinner with heads of EU delegations and SRSG of UN 

Dr Ali Akram Al bayati president of TRF met yesterday, February 6th 2017 at a dinner with special representstive of secretory general of UN Mr Jan Kubis, special convey of EU for relegiuos freedom Mr Jan Figel as well as all EU delegations heads in Iraq. 

The meeting was to discuss human rights situations in Iraq as well future of minorities after Da’esh and the ways to protect them in the future. 

The discussion concentrared on the importance of empowering Iraqi governmental institutions and the dependabce in any project on Iraqi constitution with the necessity to change some articles in it. 

The meeting was part of continous dialogue of EU delegations in Iraq with governmental and non governmental institutions. 

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President of TRF attend a meeting with EU mission in Iraq

The president of TRF “Dr. Ali Akram Al Bayati” attended today Thursday 22nd December 2016 an official meeting with vice president of European mission in Iraq Mrs “Sara Corscadden” to discuss together the political and humanitarian situations of Turkmen in Iraq.

The meeting was part of Continuous efforts of Turkmen rescue foundation to raise the International awareness about sufferings of Turkmen in Iraq, and to creat a real bridge between Iraqi and European people to support the security and stability of Iraq.

According to Dr. Ali Akram ” we explained the main social, humanitarian and political struggles for Turkmen in Iraq, and we requested a real role for EU in Iraq especially in supporting Oppressed people”. ” We discussed the future of Turkmen in Iraq and insisted on the the legal and the constitutional solutions for Turkmen and all Iraqi people” mentioned  to Dr Ali. 

President of TRF Al Bayati told ” there was a real agreement from head of EU mission about the idea of working together with Iraqi minorities to plane for future of our lands”.
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22nd Dec. 2016