Launch of Application Process for the Yazd Survivors’ Law!

The General Directorate for Survivors Affairs has launched its online portal where survivors of ISIS genocide can apply for reparations stipulated in the Yazidi Survivors Law that was passed by the Iraqi parliament.

Sandra ORLOVIC, head of reparation unit at IOM said on her Twitter account: “Big milestone in implementation of the Yazidi Survivors Law. Wouldn’t happen without painstaking work of Ms. Sarab Ali head of Directorate for Survivors Affairs and other in the directorate despite many challenges, and NGOs whose support and advocacy made a huge difference in getting to this stage”.

She added: “NGOs will continue to play critical role in the next phase of YSL reparation process, now through support to survivors in submitting applications and sharing registers of survivors with the Directorate for verification of victims claims”.

Baghdad, Iraq, September 7, 2022. Full details: