The role of educators in reintegrating Turkmen survivors into public life

TRF held a dialogue session under the slogan ((The role of educators in reintegrating Turkmen survivors into public life)) sponsored by the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ/ZDF, in cooperation with Telafar Education Directorate. Stakeholders (educational leaders, teaching staff), as well as representatives of NGOs and some relatives of survivors in Telafar attended the session.

In a statement, Mahdi Saadoun, director of the psychological and legal support program for Turkmen survivors at the foundation said that educators have an important and effective role in society.

According to (Article III/First) of the instructions for the implementation of the Yazidi Survivors Law No. (8 of 2021), we have coordinated with the Directorate of Education in Telafar to hold a dialogue session. We discussed raising awareness among stakeholders of educational leaders, the role of educational & teaching staffs in reintegrating Turkmen survivors into public life”.

Saadoun pointed out, “We explained the role of our foundation in claiming the rights of Turkmen survivors, in cooperation with the concerned local and international authorities, as well as its recent support to help them facilitate the procedures for applying for reparations through the online form of the General Directorate of Survivors’ Affairs, as well as helping them to issue missing identity documents.

Saadoun stressed the “strategic relationship of TRF with international organizations, especially the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ / ZDF and others, by providing psychological, moral and legal support to Turkmen survivors for their reintegration into society, how to change society’s view to them, not to underestimate them and to pay attention to those people that have been affected by ISIS crimes has become one of the foundation’s priorities in dealing with specialized local and international organizations.

For his part, the Director of Telafar Education, Saeed Muhammad Ali, reviewed the Directorate’s role in facilitating and simplifying the procedures for registering Surviving Turkmen students in the schools affiliated to the Telafar District, based on the instructions of the Ministry of Education to direct elementary, intermediate and high schools in the district. They followed up on the registration of students and students who do not have identification documents or who have lost them during displacement, they do not have any official document, as they can register and only takeing a written undertaking to bring it when it is issued.”

Director of Education also said that “there are other programs sponsored by the Ministry of Education, for example the right to education, which belong to the survivors ,those affected by ISIS and those who lost their educational opportunities because of that. They can get back to us to enroll them in schools.” Saeed added, “We are ready to provide the necessary assistance that our children in Telafar need. He expressed appreciation of the role of the Foundation in fulfilling the survivors’ demands and dealing with their humanitarian issues.”

On a related level, Ismail Aslan Al-Barzanji, The non-governmental organization administrator in the Telafar district, praised the Foundation’s role in assisting Turkmen survivors in Telafar because of our specific programs by supporting and assisting them to obtain the required documents, as well as providing psychological and community support in order to integrate them into public life.