“Survivors law and its Impact on Turkmen Survivors in Tal Afar”

This came as a slogan at a dialogue seminar held by the Turkmen Rescue Foundation (TRF ) under the auspices and fund of the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ/ZDF and in cooperation with
Directorate of Survivors’ Affairs to discuss the surrounding conditions for Turkmen survivors from ISIS in Tal Afar and the role of community leaders in integrating them into public life.

Dr. Mehdi Saadoun, the Foundation’s spokesperson who supervised the dialogue seminar, said in a press statement, “this seminar is one of series of meetings that the Foundation will hold successively with stakeholders in Tal Afar, where this seminar was held on Thursday, October 20, with attendance and support of head of the administrative unit in Tal Afar district and representatives of the local institutions concerned with the survivors’ law and its instructions, such as Ministry of Health, Education, security institutions, youth and sports, as well as the families of survivors and representatives from local NGOs.

Saadoun pointed out, “The importance of supporting and integrating survivors into public life was discussed by focusing on addressing their legal, social and economic situations, where this was planned with stakeholders and community leaders, as well as the best ways of cooperation and coordination with the concerned departments to facilitate the access of survivors to the supporting documents and investigative papers to complete the procedures for applying on reparations according to Survivors law No. (8 of 2021),” indicating that “our working team is available to support Turkmen survivors and in direct contact with directorate of survivors and other concerned institutions , in order to obtain the privileges specified in the provisions of this Law.”

Mayor of Tal Afar District, Mr. Qassem Mohammed Sharif, stated in the seminar “ There is a real need for coordination between the concerned parties and offering the support to TRF’s team in its steps in order reduce the burden on the survivors of Daesh and integrate them into public life, especially in Tal Afar, stressing that “it is one of our priorities and it is the responsibility of all, calling on the attendees to cooperate jointly in order for the survivors to obtain their rights and provide health, psychological, social and economic services as well as legal assistance.