“A year since the Adoption of the Survivors’ Law”Address by “Turkmen Rescue Foundation”

Statement of TRF in C4JR’s press conference on one year for adoption of YSL at March 1, 2022 at Baghdad

Ladies and gentlemen, the organizers and participants of this conference.
The Adoption of the Yazidi Women Survivors Law by the Iraqi Council of Representatives was a very important step towards building the basic pillars for achieving justice in the most tragic cases in modern history. This law was enacted as a result of the great and unremitting efforts in which the survivors, civil society organizations, international bodies and official institutions participated, and it was as a result of concerted efforts for solidarity with the victims and laying the foundations for achieving transitional justice.

At the same time, the law is important because it is the official national document that sets road map for national and international institutions to respond to the issue of sexual violence in conflicts, but the most important thing is finding a real will for implementation and enforcement by state institutions, establishing a genuine partnership with international bodies, civil society organizations and the other competent authorities, otherwise it will be just words on paper, nothing more.
While we are also aware of the sensitivity of the current situation in Iraq and the political complications facing the state, but the commitments of States towards its citizens, especially the victims of wars and terrorism, should not be delayed. The circumstances should not be excuses for any delay in funding the implementation of the law or providing infrastructure, human resources or other means needed and facilities to fully implement the law, because the situation of the survivors and their families cannot tolerate more delays. Further delays in the implementation of the law means more suffering and despair over possible solutions.
From this rostrum and as a matter of responsibility towards the Turkmen, Yazidi, Christian or Shabak victims and survivors, we would like to emphasize the following points:

-An adequate budget should be allocated by the Iraqi parliament to implement the law in the coming stages, and that there should be extensive discussions with the Directorate of Survivors’ Affairs and the Coalition for Just Reparations to ensure that this is achieved satisfactorily.

-The government should take rapid response with all the commitments required to implement the law, including providing infrastructure, human resources, and all the facilities necessary for the relevant committee and the Directorate of Survivors’ Affairs to carry out their commitments.

-The international actors need to respond urgently to support projects aimed at assisting survivors in terms of Raising awareness and education for the law and its importance, encouragement and assistance in applying, rehabilitating and integrating into society to obtain full rights through the law, with the need to deal with all victims fairly and without discrimination.

Thank you for listening and coming.

Engineer Amer Mawla
Deputy chairman of the Foundation