TRF calling for justice and equiting Turkmen and returning back lands of Turkmen seized by Ba’ath party


We value the recent decision of Iraqi Council of Ministers to own the Yazidis their lands, which was captured by Baath Regime since decades under racist behaviours. We believe, it is a brave decision that help to remove the effects of the violations committed by Saddam regime against Iraqis, strengthen the pillars of transitional justice, encourage the return of the Yazidi community to their original homeland, and a simple fulfillment from the state towards this minority, which has endured many violations and massacres because of its belonging and adherence to this country, as their original homeland.

We are Recalling too, the local and international actors about the decision of the dissolved “Revolutionary Command Council”369 of 1975, in which it seized the lands of Turkmens, which was estimated as tens of thousands of acres in the province of Kirkuk and the district of Tuz Khurmatu in Salah al-Din governorate, and other areas, with unfair obligatory compansating it at an amount of 2.5 dinars per acre (i.e. one penny per square meter), and despite the fact that the Turkmens were optimistic after the fall of the regime in 2003, especially after the establishing of the “Property Disputes Commission”, for the purpose of restoring these rights to their owners, but the reality says that the Commission did not achieve justice and equity to the owners of the lands either because of its refusal to own land to its owners under the pretext of the municipality’s need for it or by compensating it (some of them only) with very small amounts, and after the dissolution of the “Property Disputes Authority”, the mandatewas referred to the courts, while The Turkmen landowners have still not been redressed despite the passage of 19 years since the change and the collapse of the Baath regime. 

We call on Iraqi Council of Representatives (especially Turkmen MPs), Iraqi government, Iraqi judiciary and United Nations AssistanceMission for Iraq (UNAMI) to support justice for the Turkmens and other communities who have fallen victim to the racist policies and demographic change of the Baath Party, and to take a courageous, and fair decision to return these lands to their owners and, in order to protect human rights and non-discriminationprinciple.


 Media Office                                                    

4 January 2022