“Statement on process of formation of the new Human Rights Commission”

Despite the vicious attack perpetrated against the Iraqi people by gangs of crimes and terrors for more than a decade, and in spite of the accusations directed against the security and military Iraqi forces who are fighting the fiercest organization on earth and resisting such criminals by the blood of Iraqis to prevent further crimes, and in spite of the mass protest movement in Iraq during the past few months to reform the political system in the Iraqi state and to eliminate the quota system and the division of privileges and positions in the Iraqi state on the basis of sectarian or partisan rules, and in spite of the promises given by institutions of iraqi state to reform the political system that brought the country to the abyss because of the corruption of political parties and quotas abhorrent and in spite of the technocrats’ logo raised to repair the system and combat corruption by positioning them in authority places to convince the international community to help Iraq and get out of the hard economic and security situations, in spite of all mentioned facts one can see today how one of the most important institution in Iraqi state that are supposed to be independent and used for non political issues and its main function is to defend the human rights and Iraqis rights and resist all kinds of fierce attacks against Iraq by the civilian ways, media and all democratic tools, it is the Human Rights Commission which unfortunately, will turn into parties’ Rights Commission because of political pressure exerted against the committee supervising the selection of the new members of human rights commission, and unfortunately, it will be subjected to the authority and control of the ruling parties and also will not issue any humanitarian report related to the rights of Iraqis or to defend Iraq in a professional manner. It is also observed despite the fact that minorities in Iraq are more affected by terrorism and they have been abandoned, slaughtered, burnt and their women abducted and became captive by the terrorist gangs and the the criminal groups committed numerous mass graves and massacres against them, we can see how this commission will be free from any name that will represent the minorities with all their diversity, which is an injustice and another kind of terrorism against the oppressed communities in Iraq.

We demand and call the religious authority in Najaf ( Marajaaia ), UN mission in Iraq, the presidency of republic of Iraq, parliament and ministers to intervene to keep these institutions away from the political quota system and make such independent bodies to defend Iraq and the rights of Iraqis, through selection of a group of dedicated professionals to the issue of human rights.

Turkmen rescue Foundation

Media Office

January 15, 2017