TRF appeals to UN to help Turkmen families who fled Tal Afer

We appeal to UN and international community to help and rescue Thousands of Turkmen children and women who fled from TalAfar and left the city, fear of Da’esh that want to use them as human shields. 

The familes left TalAfer and passed through Syrian territories to Turkish border and they are living in a very bad and tragic condition due to lack of shelter, food and medicine.

According to resources,  frequent cases of deaths( mainly children)  from extreme cold and diseases that spreads among children.

The number of civilians that left the city and distibuted along the way from TalAfer to Syria to Turkish border are not less than 5000, most of them are women and children. 

All the international community and particularly UN offices should take an urgent action to save and help them. 

Turkmen rescue foundation 
Media office 

3rd December 2016